Daniel Hebard


Steamboat Springs, CO


Like many photographers I developed an affair with a camera at an early age starting with a Kodak, Brownie Automatic, finally graduating on with a series of five 35 mm cameras. The digital point and shoots, and SLR allow me more creative development then I ever conceived possible. The more I learn and make pictures the more I am driven to be creative exploring new ideas to make even better pictures. My goal and vision as an artist is to create objects that stir and inspire the viewer’s mind, to create an emotion and lift up the psyche to higher levels. If action follows, all the better.
Aside from Photography I immersed myself in painting, clay sculptures, wood working and extensive doodling at an early age. Pressing on I became involved in carving, carpentry out of necessity and love, and in business what has been called by Professional Economists , “The State of the Art.” I spent much of the last five decades professionally involved in the construction and electronics industries as a builder, technician and marketer of gadgets, widgets, toys, puters, parts and pieces. And yes, I did own a Radio Shack franchise some time back. This of course led me to consume and sell expensive high end electronics. Seeking an exit plan form the brick and mortar world of retail in the electronics business seven years ago I became involved with audio and video calibration while trying to sell and wind down my retail business. I enjoy this as much as life in my church though the economic downturn and existing economy has put the kabash on some plans. I involve myself in the church choir, and community choral concerts as well. All of this enhances my calling and choice of profession.
Although semi- retired my wife and I still raise Arab horses. We want to travel, visit relatives, and grandchildren. I want to take more pictures and do more carving while enjoying life and making others happy and relaxed through these endeavors. I hope visitors to our gallery and my web site enjoy the portfolio of pictures in their different and expanding genres. They are presented here to allow you time to relax and reflect on your own thoughts, hopes, and dreams. The desire is to enhance your life with others through their presence and placement.
Subject matter, and geographic location for each picture are noted , and originals are copywriten. Prints are numbered and strictly limited. Print authentification is obtained by certification which may be obtained through the Artist or direct representative by sending a copy of a numbered sales from Fine Art America attached to the request for certification to the artists email address. Only one certificate is offered by each numbered sales receipt which are confirmed. Once print limits are obtained for any each picture the no further prints are permitted.


Blue-crowned Motmot by Daniel Hebard


Vietnam Memorial Soldiers by Daniel Hebard


Dollarbird by Daniel Hebard


Chinese Swamei by Daniel Hebard


Song Sparrow by Daniel Hebard


Black-napped oriole by Daniel Hebard


Scraping Pigeons by Daniel Hebard


Black-collared Starling by Daniel Hebard


Collared Imperial Pigeon by Daniel Hebard


Crested oropendola by Daniel Hebard


Male Cock-of-the-Rock by Daniel Hebard


Sulawesi Green Imperial Pigeon by Daniel Hebard


Bali Myna Singing by Daniel Hebard


Female Electus Parrot by Daniel Hebard


Fawn-breasted Bowerbird by Daniel Hebard


White-eared bulbul' by Daniel Hebard


Nicobar Pigeon Portrait by Daniel Hebard


Ringed teal by Daniel Hebard


Bali Myna on a feeding perch by Daniel Hebard


Nesting Nicobar Pigeons by Daniel Hebard


Chinese Swamei by Daniel Hebard


White-napped Pheasant pigeon by Daniel Hebard


Female Grey-capped Emerald Dove by Daniel Hebard


Grey-capped Emerald Dove, by Daniel Hebard


White-eared Bulbul by Daniel Hebard


Song Sparrow by Daniel Hebard


Love One Another by Daniel Hebard


Black -napped Oriole, by Daniel Hebard


Scarlet-faced Liocichla by Daniel Hebard


Black-collared Starling by Daniel Hebard


Black Spotted Barbet by Daniel Hebard


Ashy-headed Goose by Daniel Hebard


Nicobar Pigeon by Daniel Hebard


Here's Lookin Atcha by Daniel Hebard


Crested Oropendola by Daniel Hebard


Sunbittern by Daniel Hebard


Inca Tern by Daniel Hebard


Andean Cock-of-the-rock by Daniel Hebard


Metallic Starling by Daniel Hebard


Toco Tuoucan by Daniel Hebard


Female Andean Cock -of-the- Rock by Daniel Hebard


Bali Myna by Daniel Hebard


La Mesa Xmas by Daniel Hebard


Fusha Orchid Flowers by Daniel Hebard


Multi Colored Orchid Bush by Daniel Hebard


Balboa Jungle Garden by Daniel Hebard


Final Light on Coyote Ridge by Daniel Hebard


White Orchid Bouquette by Daniel Hebard